Sunday, February 27, 2011

Comments for Kids Summary 1

Adult Emperor PenguinImage via WikipediaI enjoyed commenting on the kids’ posts. I ended up commenting on several other students’ blogs. The three blogs I was assigned are as follows: Alia, Subika, and Lucy.

Alia’s blog was the longest and included a video she had made about adjectives. She did a wonderful job. I told her she had done so and has better computer skills than I do. I really was impressed by her blog. I tried to find a link to a school website or classroom site, but never did. What I gather from reading Alia’s blog, she is learning English as a second language. Especially considering this, Alia’s blog is all that much more impressive.

Subika’s blog seemed a lot more personal than professional/educational. It was still a great blog on the two hour delays her school had been having due to bad weather, but I read several of her blogs and almost all of them were personal whereas almost all of Alia’s were based on English assignments. This is not a bad thing. In a way it can help Subika learn to be a responsible and conscientious blogger at a young age while still working on her writing skills. I asked her a few questions about her blog, but never received a response.

The last blog I commented on was Lucy’s blog. Again, I had read more than one of her blogs, and much like Subika, Lucy’s blog was much more personal. The blog I commented on was about her new stuffed animal, Waddles. He is a stuffed Emperor penguin she received for Valentine’s Day. Again, I asked her several questions, but at my last check, she had not answered.
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