Friday, February 4, 2011

My reading list has changed.

Steacie Science and Engineering Library at Yor...Image via WikipediaI am loving EDM310. It's intense and time consuming, but in a wonderful way. Thankfully, I'm okay at multi-tasking. One thing I've learned so far in EDM is my reading list is going to look a lot different from here on out. I love technology, but I'm an old-school bookworm. There's nothing like the feel and smell of a good book. Yes, I said smell. If you haven't been in a BAM (Books-a-Million) in a while, you should stop in and smell the knowledge! My husband dreaded hearing the words BAM or library, and before him, there was rarely a time I wasn't found with a book within reach, most likely right in front of my nose. However, EDM is without a doubt changing my reading habits. It's not like I had never read a blog or on-line journal or even *gasp* an e-book, but it was limited to when necessary. I'm finding that Twitter is the main culprit to my change. With the addition of the "follow these people list", I am finding myself clicking left and right on links and loving what I find. Even as a science teacher, my mind is reeling on ways to include technology into my lectures. I guess there are some huge benefits to going to the "dark side." 
1) I won't need that new bookcase after all. 
2) I can have my whole library on hand all the time. 
3) My husband won't have to darken the door of a BAM or library again. (Well, maybe on my birthday if he really loves me!) 
4) I'll feel like I'm doing my part to save the planet by saving the trees! 
5) My husband can fall asleep without the light.

 I will miss the feel and smell of a good book though, and my dream of having my own library someday...
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