Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Independent Project

The following video describes a pilot program that allowed eight students to learn independently. The eight students were allowed to choose topics that interested them, learn about them, conduct experiments, write papers, and then each Friday teach their fellow classmates what they learned. I would have given almost anything to attend a school like this, even now. The young man in the red shirt, Sam Levin, initiated the program. All of the students benefited from the program from the information given in the video, but the young man in the Cookie Monster hat, really touched my idealistic teacher's heart. Listen to his story closely. Even if schools can not implement a program exactly like this one, how many children could be reached by allowing students to have more control of their learning and asking them to think critically about things which interest them rather than "conveyor belt" learning?

Thanks to Frank Noschese for sharing this link.

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