Friday, March 25, 2011

Skype Interview with Frank Noschese

I really want to take a moment and thank Mr. Frank Noschese! He was a wonderful interviewee and very gracious when technology failed me after our first interview. I found the topics covered in these two videos, pseudoteaching and teaching science/math, to be relevant to me as a science teacher, but believe non-science/math teachers will find it just as relevant. Frank makes a statement at one point about real teaching will be "minds-on vs. hands-on." This has now been added to my vocabulary just as Dr. Strange's "burp back education" term has been! I apologize for the background noise as this was recorded at my school's computer lab where 3 other ladies where working on their Skype interview projects as well. I hope you enjoy!

Also, a thank you belongs to Allie as well! Thanks for guiding me on the Mac!