Saturday, March 26, 2011

Summary 2 for C4K #4-6

Topography of New Zealand.Image via WikipediaWaata

I actually commented on two of Waata's posts. The first one was about the earthquake that hit New Zealand. He did a good job reporting what had happened and people's reaction to the destruction. I asked him how close he lived to the quake site and how he felt about everything, but at last check had not received a response. When I went to check on time, I found he had posted an new blog about killer bees. Since I am a science teacher and highly allergic to bees, I commented on his new post as well. I told him what a great job he did explaining what "killer" bees are, and asked if they were a problem in New Zealand since they are here in the U.S.


Hijira made an acrostic poem. Although I like reading some poetry, I have never been a big fan of poetry, so I did not know what an acrostic poem was. After a little research, I could not figure out the message in Hijira's poem, so I asked her. I still have not received a response as of my last check.


Alivia wrote about wanting to meet Ben Carson. He is a premiere pediatric neurosurgeon whose life story is told in the movie "Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story." I asked her if she wanted to be a neurosurgeon, and if she had see the movie as of yet.

All of my students were from the same school in New Zealand, PT England School.
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