Monday, May 2, 2011

Comments for Teachers Last Summary

This month I was assigned Beth Still's blog Nebraska Change Agent. She teaches in Nebraska at an alternative school. It was really nice being assigned to her blog since my first teaching job was in an alternative school.

Beth Still
The first blog of her's I read promoted Twitter for connecting educators. What a perfect post for an EDM310 student to read, right? She discussed how Twitter helps her connect with more people since her potential "face-to-face" collaboration pool is small. She also mentioned feeling obligated to teach people she introduces to Twitter how to use it because it is not the easiest thing to pick up on. She mentioned giving them and "instant PLN list." Of course, she received some flack for this. However, I do not know that I would have gotten anything out of Twitter if Dr. Strange had not started us off with a "Who to Follow" list. I had tried Twitter a few years ago, and quickly grew tired of it.

The second post was as real and honest reflection I have read so far this semester. She gave a great analogy of cheering for the underdog at dog races in Florida and how her students are underdogs because so many teachers have bet against them. She went on to reflect on how she had dropped the ball on really learning who are students are this year and what they needed. She made a commitment to do better from here on out. I think she said it well here, "Underdogs rarely start off strong and many times the game they play is not all that pretty. The only thing that should matter is what the score is at the end of the game. "

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