Sunday, May 1, 2011

What Technologies Are Teachers REALLY using? (Final Project)

A huge THANK YOU to the 51 people who responded to our questionnaire. We wanted to see how much of the technology we have spent so much time learning about this semester was being used by current teachers. We only had 5 students respond, and all were studying to be teachers. Therefore, we did not distinguish their answers from the current teachers answers. We hope you find this information helpful in figuring out what to use in your own classroom someday!

Lisianna Emmett, Michelle French, Tracy Hunt and Jennifer Silcox


  1. Awesome final project and great work putting it all together. Kudos to you and your group.

    I don't think a lack of technology will cause learning to suffer, it's all about how teachers approach everything. Can't use technology in your classroom? Tell your students about the resources you'd like to use and encourage them to seek them out. Find things that a fun and creative but still budget friendly. The big thing about tech is that even if you can't bring it into the classroom, you still have the resources at your disposal online at home. Just because you can't buy expensive equipment it doesn't mean you can't get by.

    From the findings of my final project I'd say it's the students who need convincing not just the adults.How you present what technology you want to use to your higher ups is important as well. Everyone will have slightly shifted opinions on it even if they have similar goals.

    Once again, kudos on the great project.
    -Nickolas Sullivan

  2. Nickolas,
    You make a great point. I guess we should have worded the last sentence a little better (if you only knew how much trouble that last sentence has given us! lol). I don't think you HAVE to have technology to learn, but we do live in the technology age, and if our students hope to compete they MUST know how to use a computer and other technology. I think it's great to be able to do things without a computer, but they are not going away, which is what I was thinking when I wrote that. Thanks for viewing our project. We were pretty excited about it.